Coding Compass was founded to help and encourage young people interested in learning about coding.

I began coding at the age of eleven. It was 1984. The computer was a Commodore VIC-20 and the programming language was BASIC. The computer and language are now beyond obsolete, but the skills learned, along the journey that began that day, have lasted a lifetime.

Throughout high school and college, coding was a challenging hobby. Personal computers were less common at the time and learning new techniques often meant hunting for obscure manuals at the public library.

I graduated from the University of Durham, United Kingdom with a bachelors degree in Mathematics, Physics and a post-graduate teaching qualification. I immediately put these to good use by teaching mathematics at my old high school.

With time, coding became my passion again. I moved to the United States and began work in the semiconductor software industry. I now have twenty years of experience in this field, designing, writing and supporting software packages which have sold for millions of dollars to billion dollar corporations.

When my own children began middle school, I wanted to share the excitement and opportunities I believe coding provides. I established a middle school coding club and spent many hours planning lessons, teaching in the classroom and leading students.

In 2015 I was recognized as Volunteer of The Year by the Manatee County School Board, Florida for my work teaching coding to students. The coding club I helped establish has allowed many students to learn to code, visit software companies on field trips and publish their own projects to the web.

Through Coding Compass, I hope to share the framework put in place and encourage more young people to learn coding skills for fun and future career development.

Andrew Wilford